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Key Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

Ever ask an attorney or law firm how they increased their clientele list? They most likely told you: boosting website traffic. Below are five tips to help your firm generate traffic to your site, boost client morale and foster relationships ensuring communication and trust.

  1. Communication is key

    Two-way communication between clients and legal service firms is necessary. Some people prefer email, some prefer to pick up the phone and talk, and some may just show up at the front door. Making sure your correct phone number, email and address are displayed prominently on the website is top priority.

  2. Be creative, and to the point
    When a user comes to your site they should be able to find out what types of clients your law firm serves, locate the office, understand the kinds of services you can provide, and what distinguishes your firm from competitors.
  3. Embrace your feedback

    Allowing your audience to post reviews can help your firm in more ways than one. More often than not, prospective clients are far more likely to trust other consumers who have had a positive experience. Responding to reviews can also be a key component in showing clients who you are. Whether the review is positive or negative, people appreciate someone who takes the time to clear up discrepancies or thank those who speak highly of your firm.

  4. Optimize for mobile

    With mobile becoming a vital part of the online search, there should be no second guesses about implementation of new technology. Research shows that 60 plus percent of people browse the internet using their smartphones. With statistics like these, mobile is taking over, and you need to utilize mobile access or get left in the dust.

  5. Ask the audience

    Include open forums where users can comment and share their feelings with the website. This keeps constant communication with those who have access to the platform.