Reporters Still Prefer Email Over Social Media Pitching - Heying
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Reporters Still Prefer Email Over Social Media Pitching

These days, as we approach the peak of the digital era, traditional articles are replaced with 100-word Tweets, and not many are waiting around for the daily paper to get their news. There is no doubt that there are drastic changes in the way we communicate, even within the workforce. According to a recent social journalism study conducted by Cision, more than 94 percent of journalists use social media during the course of their days, and about 27 percent of journalists use social media platforms for more than 2 hours per day.

However, the report found that journalists still prefer their relationships with PR professionals over the use of social media to conduct publicity and journalism affairs, as the survey found that 81 percent of the journalists still preferred contact via email instead of social media platforms. The telephone was the second preferred method with 30% of respondents, and social media took third place at 24 percent. It is clear that although social media use is on the rise, traditional methods like emailing are still preferred in order to keep the professionalism and integrity of the industry in tack. Social media is a fast, fun, and laid-back way of sharing news and stories, however, when it comes to producing news articles and communicating within the industry, old traditions trump this new age frenzy.