San Diego: The Left Coast’s Beer Capital - Heying
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San Diego: The Left Coast’s Beer Capital

While cities like Chicago, Seattle, and New York may have their own fair share of delicious coffees and flatbreads, San Diego is celebrated as the hub to one of the most prized creations of all time.

As the “Craft Beer Capital of America”, San Diego is a community of home brewers, beer enthusiasts, and craft brewers. This art not only paved way for a new kind of delicious culture for its locals, it has lit up the path for a promising future in beer tourism.

Nowadays, no trip to San Diego is complete without a visit to at least one of the hundreds of breweries this city has to offer. Stone Brewery, Ballast Point, and St. Archer are only some to name, and the beauty of this industry is that not one is the same, and not one can ever be quoted the “absolute best.” Where the competition is high, it all depends on your personal taste—whether it be Stouts (try Ballast Point’s Spice/Herb/Vegetable stout, the Indra Kunindra), Belgian style IPA (Le Freak by Green Flash is rich and zesty), or Pale Ales (the Oatmeal Pale Aleby Monkey Paw is odd, creamy, and delicious), there’s a place for your pallet and preference here in sunny San Diego.

But what does this mean in the PR sense? Beer tourism, festivals, brewery and microbrewery tasting rooms are all creating the perfect opportunity for further expansion in tourism and the hospitality industry. Coffee shop dates are being replaced by microbrewery tours; dinners are now accompanied by an entire assortment of craft beers on an intricate wooden platter. It’s safe to say that San Diego is just getting started, and thankfully, there are no signs of slowing down.