10 Reasons You Should Still Blog - Even If No One Is Reading It - Heying
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10 Reasons You Should Still Blog – Even If No One Is Reading It

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your blog. It can take a good couple of years to develop a solid readership of a blog. As a new blogger, you should not give up prematurely because you are not getting the kind of attention you had hoped for. If this is a long-term problem then there might be some issues you need to fix, but if you are just starting you should not give up. You should readjust your focus from the lack of readers to the content you are producing and how you feel about your creation.

Just because no one is currently reading your blog does not mean what you are doing is not worth it and that your content is not important. Here are ten reasons why you should stick with blogging even if no one is reading it (yet):

  1. The act of writing helps to shape and crystallize your own thoughts and opinions.
  2. The research you do in order to write helps you to stay on top of trends.
  3. It is hugely motivational and helps you work towards a goal.
  4. Blogging is something you have complete control over which is rarely the case in paid employment.
  5. Knowing that people will eventually ready your blog (even if they are not currently) forces you to aim for a certain level of quality.
  6. Getting into a regular rhythm of blogging is like making a contract. It is as if you have made a public declaration of your intent, and you’re more likely to stay the course if you’ve publicly committed yourself.
  7. It helps to consolidate your own knowledge and skills. The best way to internalize knowledge is to teach others how to do it.
  8. You are creating content that can be later used in your own speeches, presentations, workshops, and marketing literature.
  9. Whether you are an experienced writer, or looking to develop your writing ability, blogging allows you to experiment with different styles.
  10. You can build your own blog or website to host your posts.

Keep your spirits up, solo bloggers! By investing time and energy into your blog, the days of zero readers will become a distant memory. Stay focused on why you are blogging in the first place, and keep creating content!