Beat Summertime Sadness at Your PR Firm - Heying
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Beat Summertime Sadness at Your PR Firm

Summertime at any PR agency is different than other seasons because the nice weather can add a distracting feature to the work environment.

Here are four tips to help PR firms beat the summer heat and stay focused, so that they are better prepared for the rest of the year.

  1. Manage vacation schedules early: Vacations are important because they allow employees to relax and clear their mind. Just make sure everyone isn’t taking their hard-earned vacation all at once. For operational continuity, it’s vital for staffers to book in the spring, so there will be no surprises in July and August. Sounds simple, but it requires foresight from the management.
  2. Choose your launch date wisely for maximum impact: Think carefully about conducting big product launches during the beach season. It gets a lot more challenging to reach reporters, analysts, and bloggers about their projects when they’re on vacation.
  3. Start thinking ahead: Although it may be mentally difficult, it’s important to start crafting story angles for the winter holidays to compete with those bigger publications who are already putting together their holiday issues.
  4. Offer summertime work perks: Try offering more free time or an earlier start to the weekends. Some agencies offer “summer Fridays” to employees, meaning that work wraps at about 1 p.m., assuming that client work is wrapped up for the week.

Maintaining privileges such as these helps employees focus on work, rather than dreading work and waiting for the clock to run out.