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New Rules for Up-and-Coming PR Professionals

Public relations has become a fast-growing industry, and its day-to-day practices are constantly evolving.

Here are new rules resulting from trends in the PR industry in today’s digital world:

Content is key.

As PR professionals in today’s world, we are storytellers, not salespeople.

Clients are looking for their stories to be told, and potential consumers to be engaged. Smart PR professionals will help clients identify their valuable differentiators, craft a story, and tell it where it counts.

PR is about SEO.

If PR is about content, SEO should be an essential item in every professional’s toolbox.

When it comes to content, quality and relevance have replaced quantity. To be shareable, content must be optimized, and SEO fluency is necessary.

Influence matters.

Many people confuse influence with popularity, but the two are not the same. Having a large social media following, doesn’t necessarily make someone influential.

Generating influence has also changed over the years. It is now very common for PR and marketing professionals to use influencers to help share their stories. In the past, celebrities would be hired for a product launch, but today social media influencers carry more weight.

The lines between paid and earned media coverage are blurring.

While content creation is an essential role of a PR professional, distribution is equally important.

It’s nearly impossible to achieve notable results with raw content alone. Many of the most successful campaigns are driven through paid content distribution tools. PR professionals today must understand social optimization tools and tactics.

Everything is measurable and measured.

The rise of data-driven marketing can be a difficult transition for those who aren’t trained in analytics.

There are new standards and guidelines for measuring PR programs. Although there is no one-size-fits-all formula, there are practical ways to put those standards into practice.