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Content With A Purpose

We’ve all heard the saying “quality over quantity”, so why is it we are constantly being pushed to create content after content? Whether it be press releases or blog posts, you name it — once one piece was published, it was time to create another.

At some point, it was believed that the formula for success was: More content = more awareness = more success. While this may have worked at one point, it does not necessarily hold true today. With everyone constantly creating more content, audiences are becoming overwhelmed and as a result, are looking for a better quality of work rather than a higher quantity.

So, instead of focusing on content, focus on giving your audience a better experience. The goal is for your output to drive outcomes. Getting people to view your content is only the first step. Just because your blog posts have gained more views does not mean they’re doing their job. Are those views converting into leads? Are those leads converting into purchases? Are those purchases converting into loyal, repeat business? These are the results you’re after and overall, the result you need in order to make your content worthwhile.

“We have a lot of ideas – probably too many ideas. At some point, we have to face facts and need to improve on what we’re doing.” – Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web