Saint Patrick’s Day and Public Relations - Heying
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Saint Patrick’s Day and Public Relations

After the eventful and exciting festivities from this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, everyone will be reminiscing on the green beer and corned beef cabbage in the office on Monday. This holiday has continued to gain popularity throughout the years, partly because almost 35 million people living in the United States consider themselves to have Irish heritage. However, everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day. Through the progression and expansion of the holiday, there have been several valuable Public Relations opportunities available. Although our leprechaun outfits and Irish cooking recipes may have already returned to the storage, the holiday and Public Relations have many similarities that can still be taken advantage of.

The Pot of Gold

Every PR professional hopes to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow, but it can be difficult to manage when each client represents a different treasure. Keeping the firm organized to create strategies for clients clears up confusion between both parties. By meeting the needs and expectations of every client, the firm must create a strategic plan that is specific to each client. When results are positive, whether it be a direct sales increase or strong client relationships are created, the more opportunities present themselves to deliver the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Luck of the Irish

Relying on a four-leaf clover will not guarantee success when finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow (only on St. Patrick’s Day). Although luck can be found in a four-leaf clover, it is smarter and more trustworthy to rely on a developed strategic plan with a skilled team executing each component of the plan. Leadership, time management, and attention to detail throughout a team will produce the same characteristics into the final project. A tailored message to a targeted audience will reveal successful outcomes if the plan is carried out properly. Rely on the plan, not the four-leaf clover.

Why Stop Now?

Who said the festivities had to end on St. Patrick’s Day? A creative PR team should keep a calendar of holidays, so opportunities don’t go unnoticed. This weekend was also National Corn Dog Day, and in less than two weeks it will be April Fools. It may be time to ditch the green leprechaun outfit, but do not hesitate on the next project because it can broaden the audience and create client relationships.