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Why Visual Content Should Be Your Top Priority

Strong visual content is vital in crafting a successful organization in today’s communications world whether it’s social media, email marketing or content creation.
Building strong visual content doesn’t always prove to be so easy. Nearly half of all businesses only have one person in their organization working on content marketing. Also, 75% of marketers say they don’t have an effective creative collaboration process.
Here are a few statistics as to why visual content is such a challenge:
49% of businesses have small (or 1-person) content marketing teams serving the entire organization
Content creation challenges are one of the top three issues cited by struggling marketing organizations
85% of marketers do not use content collaboration or workflow software
75% of marketers say they don’t have an effective creative collaboration process
So, how are these organizations supposed to create visual content that entices consumers to view it?
Even though it can be a difficult task for brand managers, visual content is everywhere. The majority of marketers say they already deliver content consistently and most B2C marketers (73 percent) say they plan to increase the amount of content they produce next year.
Here’s more on how marketers are sharing content every day:

• Top 4 content marketing tactics used by B2C marketers:
o Social media
o Blog posts
o Email newsletters
o Video
87% of the most successful content marketers deliver content consistently
73% of B2C marketers plan to boost the amount of content creation next year
76% of companies think of content marketing as an ongoing business project, not a campaign

When viewing how successful content marketing with strong visuals can be, it makes sense why marketers would share it online daily. When content contains visuals, it receives 94 percent more views than when there are no images.

Here are even more statistics on how powerful visuals can make your content strategies:
• Visuals are processes 60,000x faster than text
94% more views when content has relevant images
52% of marketers say video gives the best ROI
• Conversion rates when using custom visual content are 7x higher