How to make agency-client relationship last longer? - Heying
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How to make agency-client relationship last longer?

PR agencies that have a long-term relationship with clients are becoming more and more of a rarity. Not a lot of professionals can manage to keep their relationships alive and thrive for too much time.

Here are 5 tips to be a long-standing agency of record relationships:

  • Be honest with each other

Although sometimes it can be a little harmful and surprising, the real truth will keep your agency on your client’s map and radar screen. Clear expectations should be set from the beginning and both the agency and the client should tell the truth about their capabilities, limitations and passions.

If you don’t believe your agency can get the desired results, don’t talk yourself into the job. It will set your agency up to fail, waste the client`s budget and time and kill your reputation.

The key takeaway here is: when a PR pro fundamentally and thoroughly understands what the client is trying to achieve, both parties are positioned for success and the relationship will last a lot longer.

  • Always take risks

Although a lot of people think PR practice doesn’t involve much risk, there is an element of risk in all public relations activity. The word risk can be defined as the chance of something happening that will have an impact on objectives and it is measured in terms of likelihood and impact. Think of the risks to the organization inherent in a bad reputation, in controversial public issues, corporate crises, sponsorships turning bad, poor counsel to senior management, use of celebrities in marketing and in corporate events that go wrong.

However, the duo need to take some risks together in order to build a brand and gain consumer awareness so knowing how to manage those risks is a valuable skill. If the PR agency and the client create a good and effective communication channel, the risk will pay off and result in some good outcomes.

  • Respect each other

Everyone has different opinions and that is fine. If this difference is well managed, it will actually be a major key to elaborate creative marketing ideas. Listening to each other and respecting the other person`s idea and vision is the best way to deal with those tough situations. In order to create a brand that communicates something to people, your agency and your client should be able to have frank conversations and maybe step back, debate, assess it and come up with a better solution.

  • Be open to new ideas

Sometimes clients have crazy creative idea or business idea and will ask you to do something that you are maybe not used to. Be open to it, listen to it and take it into consideration. Being open to new ideas also means that the agency should be thinking of news ways to solve a client’s problems before they even anticipate needing it. The collaboration between you and your clients will build a relationship of trust.

  • Have one another`s backs

At some point, something is going to go wrong and pointing fingers does not help! During times of difficulties, it is important that both sides stand together and strive to a solution