How PR Pros Can Use Google Analytics’ Newest Feature: Intelligence - Heying
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How PR Pros Can Use Google Analytics’ Newest Feature: Intelligence

Google Analytics, a vital tool for any PR professional, has featured a new tool: Intelligence. Found in the upper-right hand corner, the new feature allows users to ask a question for GA to answer with a variety of answers.

This is a pretty big deal considering how overwhelming Google Analytics can be to new users, GA uses a large amount of dimension of metrics to provide comprehensive statistics.

According to the Google analytics website, you can also ask Intelligence questions about your data in everyday language. If you don’t want to analyze data in the context of your reports, or write formulas and code to query the raw data, you can simply ask Intelligence things like:

  • What’s the bounce rate trend for mobile in the US?
  • How many new users did I acquire via email last week?
  • Which channel had the highest revenue?


Intelligence can also answer more specific questions, whether about a certain group of users, time period, or region.

Below are six other types of questions PR pros can ask Intelligence to get answers about their Google Analytics quick.


Ask basic questions: How many new users did we get this week? Where is my traffic coming from?


Check performance: Which channel converted the best for [Goal X]?  Which landing pages with over 500 sessions have the worst bounce rates?


Chart trends: Trend of new users this month? Graph of sessions from Chicago vs Seattle in December?


Compare data for different values or time ranges: Conversion rate for referrals vs organic search? Average time on page for mobile vs desktop?


Ask about shares or percentages to understand significance:  What percent of sessions in the U.S. are from social? What share of sessions are from women?


Ask complex questions combining multiple phrases: How did share of new users compare in January for Firefox vs Chrome? Trend of new users this year vs last year.