6 Best Tips for Getting Referrals for Your Small Law Firm - Heying
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6 Best Tips for Getting Referrals for Your Small Law Firm

If you are a small firm lawyer looking to get more referrals, you know it can be a challenge. Since new client development is one of the main priorities for any law practice, referrals are lifeblood of most of successful law firms. Have you really leveraged your contacts including existing clients to do the marketing for you? Read those 6 tips for getting new referrals:

  1. Maintain your book of contacts. Documenting names of people you connect with is the first step. You never know who can be a good source of referral so be organized, maintain a list of contacts and spend some time to study it for the relationships that can generate leads. Make it a point to update your contacts on a regular basis.
  2. Motivate/Prompt. Eventually, you will have to ask for referrals and it is not a bad idea. Your referral sources don’t know that you need referrals so it is really important to maintain a good attorney-client relationship. That way, you can confidently request for referrals. For example: if your clients thank you for your service, you can prompt them to make a referral by communicating that the best way to show their gratitude would be to send you a referral.
  3. Focus on lawyer-client relationship. Do not focus only on legal representation, court hearing and legal billing. When dealing with a client, always remember they are your best referral sources. Trustful relationships are not developed overnight so focus on building a genuine, quality, and long-term relationship with your client. Remember: referrals are often made out of trust!
  4. Educate your referral sources. Sometimes they don’t know what you really do. Tell them the type of people and business you can help and also provide examples on what a good referral is.
  5. Follow up. Once you receive a referral be sure to make follow up calls with the prospects. Be confident and understand that now you are not making cold calls. You are already endorsed by someone who is willing to connect with you so don’t fail in making follow up calls.
  6. Thank your referrers. It can be as simple as picking up the phone and making a Thank you call or sending an e-mail with a Thank you note. Always remember to let them know that you really appreciate such referrals. Also, ask new clients how they came to know about your law firm. If the lead generation is by referral, express your appreciation.