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Does your law firm website follow these 5 best practices?

We all know that most people head to the Internet first when they are seeking any service. Legal services are no exception to this trend and that’s why your law firm’s website is so important. Let’s put it in this perspective: your website is the online version of your firm’s front door. This means that the information included should “invite” your potential clients to use your service and it should be tailored to meet their needs and expectations.

But what exactly are people looking for when hiring an attorney?  Here are the 5 tips to improve your Law Firm`s website and make it more effective and consumer friendly:

Showcasing quality of service is important. Legal consumers want to see proof of good service. A good way to provide information about the quality of service provided by your firm is to include links to reviews that are favorable. If your firm has not been reviewed, including client testimonials and quotes is a good option too.

Highlighting client communication is key. Clients value clear, concise communication from their attorneys more than anything else. They are looking for simple explanations and terms that are easy to understand. One great way to show that attorneys at your firm are able to communicate effectively with clients is to maintain a law firm blog. It should include posts where lawyers explain legal concepts in a simple, down to earth manner. That way, you will show potential clients that attorneys at your law firm are knowledgeable and able to communicate clearly.

Emphasize experience. A lot of times, experience is more important than certifications, education, age or gender. If you have been practicing for a while, make sure to include your years of practice for individual attorneys or collectively for the entire law firm. Doing so will inspire confidence in potential clients and will encourage them to contact you.

Certifications are also important! Be sure to include any award or certifications that attorneys in your firm have received. It is just one more way to showcase your firm`s expertise.

Focus on client service. Potential clients value attorney responsiveness. So show your clients that your law firm provides multiple ways for lawyers and clients to interact. For example, if your law firm uses online client portals for communication or incorporates other innovative communications features into its workflow, make sure to emphasize those features on your law firm`s websites.

Does your website provide the information that legal consumers are seeking? Make some changes to your firm’s online presence and see how much more effective it will be!