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5 Ways a Blog Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Website

It is no secret that blogging has erupted with popularity over the past decade due to social media and other platforms for self-expression. To some professionals, blogging can come off as cheesy, unimportant, and time consuming. We think, however, that blogging has more potential and can be an increasingly effective tool in professional circumstances, such as your law firm’s website. This does not mean you need to incorporate a blog in the traditional sense. This can include news, updates on your law firm, awards and more.  Whether or not you agree, take some time to first read these 5 ways a blog can improve your web presence.

  1. Search Engine Recognition

When it comes to search engines paying attention to your site over thousands of others, it has a lot to do with the quantity and quality of content. If you are only updating your website once a year (or less), there is no way for search engines to detect new key phrases and updated content. By dedicating time every week to update frequently asked questions, news, updates, or link relevant articles, you are creating a more dynamic web presence and making yourself easier to find.

  1. Increased Visibility for New Clients to Find You-

This goes hand-in-hand with search engine recognition. If there is more of a variety of content in association with your website, your website can become an informative tool. It allows potential clients to come across your website in a variety of ways. Whether or not someone is looking to hire a lawyer at that point in time, you have then created name recognition and when they are ready, you will already have an advantage over your competitors.

  1. Illustrates Expertise and Constant Involvement-

Having a blog of some sort will allow you to show more than one area of expertise. You can touch on various areas of law in an organized, non-overwhelming way. This can also give potential clients a sense of what it might be like to work with you. The way you approach certain subjects can spark intrigue and ignite a professional relationship.

  1. Efficiency for Those Seeking Information-

If you are writing content that addresses the questions and concerns of potential clients, it not only is a useful tool for those searching for information online, but it also becomes an easy and organized resource for you to point to when those topics arise with new people. Updating this information weekly or bi-weekly will also allow your website to remain in line with current projects you are working on and acknowledge arising concerns or questions about your law firm.

  1. Self-Promotion-

Lastly, a regularly-updated section of your website can also serve as a place to announce firm awards, cases won, or accomplishments. This is the perfect platform to showcase what you have done and what you are capable of!