4 Ways to Energize Your Scripted Speech - Heying
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4 Ways to Energize Your Scripted Speech

Authenticity is key to giving a speech. Speeches you prewrite can sometimes come off as fake and robotic. To strengthen the overall effectiveness and authenticity of your speech, follow a few key steps.

  1. Make your big choices first.

The use of varying emotion is vital to any successful speech and the impact it has on your audience. One tip is to use highlight your speech, marking various tones and emotions with different colors. After you do that, look at the speech and make sure there are enough turning points to keep the audience interested, but don’t bounce back and forth between two separate tones. It could confuse your audience as to the point you are trying to make.

  1. Know the information you are conveying and why.

It’s important that you disseminate the information you are going to be speaking about. It’s easy to get lost in a list of words and lose focus of the meaning behind those words. Make sure you fully understand the topic you are speaking about and that you can answer questions about it. It will improve your confidence level knowing you are skilled in the meaning of your words.

  1. Rehearse.

Giving a speech and reciting a paper are two different things. You don’t need to know your speech word for word. In fact, public speakers will sometimes run into this issue by trying to recite their speech perfectly. If you forget a word, however, your mind can go blank and you can forget where to start up again next. Rehearse by keeping bullet points of your main points on the side. In essence, public speaking is going to be somewhat impromptu. Be able to pull yourself back to your talking point if you misstep on a word to finish your speech with a bang.

  1. Deliver it effectively.

If possible, a good idea is to visit the venue before you make your speech. Visualize yourself in front of the crowd and give the speech you envisioned. Make eye contact and slowly build the energy up until the very end. Remember, it’s okay to start your speech on a subtle note and build energy until the end, just don’t get depleted before you finish.