3 Ways to Abridge Communication with Your Clients - Heying
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3 Ways to Abridge Communication with Your Clients

Try these tips that will guarantee effective and efficient communication without overwhelming your clients.

  • Ditch the Legal Jargon

Within the world of law, it is appropriate to use legal jargon amongst others in the profession. However, it is important to use simpler language with your clients.  We often forget that our clients are not lawyers, and the last thing you want is to make them feel inferior or confused while conveying messages to them. For instance, instead of using legal terms such as append, Choate, nul, ordinance and preclude, try simplifying by using attach, complete, no one, local law and prevent.

  • Explain Your Reasoning

Make sure that you are on the same page as your client when it comes to their case. They need to know that you fully understand their goals and have those goals in mind when you are making decisions. After all, happy clients make your job run a lot smoother. It is important to remember that when you begin working on their case, you need to be able to effectively communicate the reasoning behind your choices.  Always offer to clarify or explain things further to ensure they have a real understanding of the information you provide to them. This will not just help the case itself but improve your credibility and trust amongst clients. Lastly, have an explanation prepared at all times both for them and for the court.

  • Give Ample Facts, but Do Not Overwhelm Them

Although it is important to keep your clients in the loop, it is equally as important to not completely bombard them with information. As you advance within your career, you will find that, sometimes, less is more. It is important to also recognize that each client is unique. A recommendation would be to tailor the way you convey information to each client. Keep it short and simple. This is where all of your education, skills and knowledge of the legal practice and effective communication will come into play.