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5 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Should Have a Blog

Reach Potential Clients

When creating your law firm’s website, a blog or “News” section is a useful tool that is easy to implement. Assuming it is maintained consistently, it will provide a space on your site that is always updated. Not only does it keep your site current, but adding content regularly is one of the top SEO techniques for bringing more web traffic to your site.

Highlight Client Communication

Studies show that clients value clear and concise communication from their attorneys more than anything else. It is a known fact that the ability to communicate effectively with clients has a large impact on a lawyer’s practice, and on the success of the law firm at large. Maintaining a blog on your law firm’s website is a great way to show current and prospective clients the breadth of your knowledge and a bit of your personality. Choose topics that your clients might find interesting and helpful as well as stories they might not have otherwise seen.

Develop Valuable Content

Adding a blog to your website is just the beginning. Not only is it necessary to populate that blog with content and current news stories, it is also paramount that the information you share has quality. If you don’t have the time to write a long two-page story, develop a few solid paragraphs with how this news story is relevant to your audience. Quality trumps quantity. If you struggle coming up with blog topics, a great place to start is with your FAQ’s. What do your current and prospective clients want to know? That’s who you’re writing for after all.

Showcase What Your Law Firm Has to Offer

While showcasing your attorneys and current hot topics in the media as they relate to your practice is a great way to feed your blog, success stories and big case wins are another great route to take. In today’s market, people trust word-of-mouth and customer reviews more than any other indicator. Sharing the triumphs of your firm not only conveys your efficiency and professional abilities, but it also shows that you care.

It Is Affordable and Sustainable

Setting up a blog in this day in age is easier and more cost-effective than ever. WordPress is by far one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world, with more than 82 million active users. Not only is it free, but it also comes with several templates to help establish the design of your blog, as well as countless plugins and add-ons free of charge. To learn more about WordPress and other blogging platforms, click here.