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8 Things 2019 Grads Can Do to Find Jobs

Congratulations to all recent and soon-to-be grads! You studied hard and made it out alive…. now what?

The job hunt can be intimidating and often times discouraging at first. However, don’t give up! Here are 8 things you can do to land that first “real life” job after graduation:

  1. Customize Your Resume. You should always cater your resume to show you meet the qualifications of each and every job you apply for, just as you would your cover letter.
  2. Tweak Your Resume Post-Interview. Continue to edit and strengthen your resume accordingly to address any questions potential employers have asked in interviews. Chances are, other employers will ask similar questions.
  3.  Start Searching Now (And Don’t Stop). It’s never too early to start searching for jobs. Even after you apply for that “perfect fit,” continue your search until you receive an offer.
  4.  Don’t Waste Your Time. If you know you don’t qualify for a position, do not waste your time and energy by applying just for the sake of doing so. Rather, spend that time finding jobs you have a legitimate shot at.
  5.  Look Good, Feel Good. Invest some of that graduation money from relatives into a couple of great interview outfits. When you dress the part, you’ll play the part (don’t forget about the shoes!).
  6.  Expand Your Network. Join professional organizations and get involved with their events. You never know who you may meet.
  7.  Be Realistic. Even though you may not qualify for that dream job right out of the gate, don’t give up. Take into consideration that your first job is going to be a stepping stone to experience that will land you the dream job in the future.
  8. Keep All Doors Open. You may be surprised that the job you think isn’t up your ally turns out to be a great fit. If you realize after the interview that you would not want to work there, consider it to be great interview experience under your belt.

Good Luck!