The Power of Video - Heying
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The Power of Video

From YouTube to Facebook Live, and SnapChat to Instagram, it is no surprise that videos are becoming one of the most effective and frequently used ways to market businesses, products and experiences today. Unlike traditional print and direct mail campaigns, videos illicit emotional response through a storytelling approach, delivering messages in a shorter amount of time than ever before.

Whether you have already dabbled in video marketing or are ready to get started, here are a crucial few tips to ensure your reel is ready to go:

  • Ensure mobile optimization. Because 50% of videos are watched on a mobile device, it is critical that your video is mobile-friendly.
  • Shorter is better. Studies show that videos with an average of 2 minutes in length get the most engagement.
  • Keep them curious. Asking questions throughout your video and ending with a cliffhanger will encourage more views and audience participation.