Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Work From Home - Heying
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Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Work From Home

With COVID-19 making almost every headline across the globe today, many companies are shifting to mandatory remote work for all employees. For those who have never worked from a “home office” before, this new normal can be challenging.

H&A has some recommendations for you to still crank out quality work while also avoiding going stir-crazy.

Crank up the communication. The key to working from home is communicating with your supervisor clearly and consistently, so you know exactly what is expected of you during this time. Asking your boss for a 10-minute kick-off call in the morning, and a 10-minute closing call at the end of the day can ensure folks are kept in the loop.

Remember, you’re still working. Just because you’re able to stay in your sweats and slippers all day, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. By taking a shower and changing into “work clothes,” your mind still stays in routine work-mode throughout the day.

Avoid feeling isolated. It is important to stay connected with your co-workers and supervisors during this time. Encourage others to use video meetings as often as possible instead of conference calls. In an effort to sustain normalcy and camaraderie in unconventional ways, try inviting co-workers to a virtual pizza party or remote happy hours where people dial in at the end of the work day and share a cocktail on Zoom or Skype.