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H&A Named a Top 10 PR Firm in San Diego

H&A is ranked #10 in San Diego Business Journal’s 2020 Book of Lists in the Public Relations category. Each year, SDBJ releases an exclusive compilation of more than 90 lists of the city’s highest performing businesses.

To access the SDBJ’s Book of Lists, click here.

Zoom Meetings: Who’s Watching?

With most of the world working and schooling from home due to the spread of COVID-19, virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom are being utilized now more than ever before. Whether you are connecting with coworkers during the day or with friends for virtual happy hours, Zoom has proven to be an effective way to keep life moving while you’re stuck at home.

However, along with an increase of usage there is also an increase of stories of Zoom hack incidents in virtual meetings, classrooms and more. Here are a few steps to take to ensure your privacy is not compromised during your Zooming:

Don’t share your unique meeting link with anyone. When Zoom generates a meeting link, make sure you keep it private so others cannot login.

Set a meeting password. This requires all participants to verify the code before entering the meeting.

Manage screen sharing. When hosting, disable others from accidentally sharing their own computers screens with all participants during the meeting.

Remember to mute. Make sure to mute your microphone when you are not speaking, to ensure you do not inadvertently share private conversations with family members with the group.

For more tips on maintaining a safe Zoom environment, visit the Zoom blog here.

Stay safe, and Zoom on!

Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Work From Home

With COVID-19 making almost every headline across the globe today, many companies are shifting to mandatory remote work for all employees. For those who have never worked from a “home office” before, this new normal can be challenging.

H&A has some recommendations for you to still crank out quality work while also avoiding going stir-crazy.

Crank up the communication. The key to working from home is communicating with your supervisor clearly and consistently, so you know exactly what is expected of you during this time. Asking your boss for a 10-minute kick-off call in the morning, and a 10-minute closing call at the end of the day can ensure folks are kept in the loop.

Remember, you’re still working. Just because you’re able to stay in your sweats and slippers all day, doesn’t mean you necessarily should. By taking a shower and changing into “work clothes,” your mind still stays in routine work-mode throughout the day.

Avoid feeling isolated. It is important to stay connected with your co-workers and supervisors during this time. Encourage others to use video meetings as often as possible instead of conference calls. In an effort to sustain normalcy and camaraderie in unconventional ways, try inviting co-workers to a virtual pizza party or remote happy hours where people dial in at the end of the work day and share a cocktail on Zoom or Skype.

The Power of Video

From YouTube to Facebook Live, and SnapChat to Instagram, it is no surprise that videos are becoming one of the most effective and frequently used ways to market businesses, products and experiences today. Unlike traditional print and direct mail campaigns, videos illicit emotional response through a storytelling approach, delivering messages in a shorter amount of time than ever before.

Whether you have already dabbled in video marketing or are ready to get started, here are a crucial few tips to ensure your reel is ready to go:

  • Ensure mobile optimization. Because 50% of videos are watched on a mobile device, it is critical that your video is mobile-friendly.
  • Shorter is better. Studies show that videos with an average of 2 minutes in length get the most engagement.
  • Keep them curious. Asking questions throughout your video and ending with a cliffhanger will encourage more views and audience participation.

H&A Ranks #12 in SDBJ’s List of Top PR Firms

H&A has earned the #12 slot in the Public Relations category in San Diego Business Journal’s 2019 Book of Lists. Each year, SDBJ releases an exclusive compilation of more than 90 lists of the city’s highest performing businesses.

To access the SDBJ’s Book of Lists, click here.

LinkedIn Adds New Marketing Features

Over the past several years, LinkedIn has grown beyond a platform that merely offers networking services. This summer, the social media giant launched three new advertising campaign objectives for businesses, providing a full-funnel experience from initial awareness all the way through to conversation. The new objectives include:

  1. Brand Awareness campaign objective that enables marketers to increase share of voice for their products via CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
  2. Website Conversion that allows for campaigns optimized for specific actions, including purchases, downloads, or event registrations
  3. Job Applicants option for marketers seeking to drive applications

Click here to learn more about LinkedIn’s marketing features for businesses.

8 Things 2019 Grads Can Do to Find Jobs

Congratulations to all recent and soon-to-be grads! You studied hard and made it out alive…. now what?

The job hunt can be intimidating and often times discouraging at first. However, don’t give up! Here are 8 things you can do to land that first “real life” job after graduation:

  1. Customize Your Resume. You should always cater your resume to show you meet the qualifications of each and every job you apply for, just as you would your cover letter.
  2. Tweak Your Resume Post-Interview. Continue to edit and strengthen your resume accordingly to address any questions potential employers have asked in interviews. Chances are, other employers will ask similar questions.
  3.  Start Searching Now (And Don’t Stop). It’s never too early to start searching for jobs. Even after you apply for that “perfect fit,” continue your search until you receive an offer.
  4.  Don’t Waste Your Time. If you know you don’t qualify for a position, do not waste your time and energy by applying just for the sake of doing so. Rather, spend that time finding jobs you have a legitimate shot at.
  5.  Look Good, Feel Good. Invest some of that graduation money from relatives into a couple of great interview outfits. When you dress the part, you’ll play the part (don’t forget about the shoes!).
  6.  Expand Your Network. Join professional organizations and get involved with their events. You never know who you may meet.
  7.  Be Realistic. Even though you may not qualify for that dream job right out of the gate, don’t give up. Take into consideration that your first job is going to be a stepping stone to experience that will land you the dream job in the future.
  8. Keep All Doors Open. You may be surprised that the job you think isn’t up your ally turns out to be a great fit. If you realize after the interview that you would not want to work there, consider it to be great interview experience under your belt.

Good Luck!

Top Tips for Creating Mutually Beneficial Business Partnerships

Partnerships, like most personal relationships, are not easy, but with the right care and “feeding,” they can grow your organization’s success exponentially. Partnerships in education are particularly beneficial and produce a win-win outcome, as businesses give back to their communities and students gain real-world training and potential employment opportunities.

Below are 5 key tips to keep in mind as you grow your network of partners.

Make sure you understand the commitment level of a potential partner. Setting expectations at the very beginning of a business partnership will ensure both parties that they will benefit from the relationship.

Make an Effort.
It is one thing to develop a partnership, but to maintain it successfully, you must make a noticeable effort. Partners are not solely there for when you “need” something. Making plans to attend community events (chamber of commerce meetings, etc.) to meet local business and community leaders is one great way to show that you are invested.

It should be made entirely clear to all parties what the purpose and overarching goals of the partnership is – there must be a strategic fit between them. Start this process by surveying students, teachers and administrators to garner feedback on your school’s needs and how a business partner can help. Then, develop a benefits/value position check list detailing their benefits from a partnership with your school (workforce-ready students, dedicated staff, program alignment with industry, etc.). Once they say “YES,” draft a Partnership Agreement with clearly defined goals and expectations to be reviewed and evaluated annually. Include all that apply – internships, externships (for teachers), guest speakers, career fair participants, mentoring, tutoring – and listen to what the business may want and add to the list.

Not all businesses will be a good fit. If a business’ values and needs don’t align with your school’s, remember that it’s OK to step away and keep looking.

Create a method for communication so that each party is motivated to share input. Check in often by sending newsletters, e-blasts and emails and let them know how things are going. It is also important to be honest about the things that turn out well and the things that could be improved. Discuss your mistakes so that both parties may learn from them and find resolutions to move forward successfully.


Having a network of business partners can be a great way to grow if roles are clearly defined, both are committed and communication flows both ways. You need complementary values, overarching goals and strengths to make it work, but the benefits are endless.

Vibing with Your Vendors: Top 10 Tips

Kicking off a new project on behalf of your client is always an exciting time, and imagining how happy your client is going to be with the finished project is motivation at its finest. However, working with numerous vendors and suppliers to get the job done can lead to a disorganized mess if you aren’t careful. Whether you are communicating with your trusted printer whom you’ve worked with for years or a brand new graphic designer, when you take on the role of the customer it is important to remember that communication is the key to success.

Here are our top 10 tips and tricks for establishing and maintaining a lasting relationship with your suppliers:

Come Prepared. It is important to be well informed of your client’s budget, timeline and expectations before initiating a new project with your vendor. The more information you can provide up front, the better.

Be a Straight Shooter. Don’t hesitate to take the lead and set the tone for the project, but always remember to remain honest and kind to your vendors.

Ask Questions. Acknowledge the expertise of your vendors and welcome their input. Often times, their suggestions can help to elevate your project even more.

Call-Backs Are OK. When you ask a vendor a question that they do not have the answer to at the time, give them the opportunity to find out and get back to you. Accurate information is more important than an unsure answer.

Discuss Invoicing Early. Be honest with your vendors about when you pay bills, and whether your supplier is to bill you or your client directly. Give them as much time as possible in advance to prepare their billing.

Set Expectations. Help your vendors by openly discussing your expectations for the project, such as establishing a clear timeline.

Address Issues. If something went wrong with the finished product, an experienced vendor will want to know about it. Give yourself some time to collect your thoughts before sharing with your vendor how they could have improved.

Be Realistic. Don’t ask your vendors to complete impossible tasks by making your emergency their emergency. If your vendor typically has a turnaround time of 7-10 days, don’t be upset when they cannot complete an order in 1 day.

Return Calls/E-mails. Be sure to respond to your vendor in a timely manner. If you get back to them quickly, they will return the favor.

Say Thank You! After the final product is produced, always let your vendors know how much you appreciate their work.

H&A Ranked #10 in List of Top San Diego PR Firms

Heying & Associates has landed a spot in San Diego Business Journal’s list of top 10 Public Relations Agencies in the area for 2018. Announced just after the New Year, H&A has jumped three spots ahead from last year’s list, and five spots ahead from the 2017 rankings. SDBJ provides its readers with hundreds of the greatest area companies in their fields by ranking each year.

To learn more about the San Diego Business Journal’s Book of Lists, click here.