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Take a Note from Opera to Improve Your PR Career

The work ethic of opera singers is a model for people in any industry, but they demonstrate admirable behaviors and attitudes that are especially relevant to PR professionals.

Set the stage for a successful career in Public Relations with tips from opera singers:

  1. They learn languages. Operas are performed in English, Italian, Russian, German, French, and many other languages. Learning languages is essential for opera singers. While few PR pros have to conduct business in a foreign language, it is import to be familiarized with the business lingo used by people in the sectors you represent – whether it be law, biotech, or hospitality. Fluency is not necessary, but a certain comfort level is essential in order to communicate effectively.
  2. They don’t give up. For opera singers, getting one gig from 50 plus auditions is deemed successful as audiences and company budgets are shrinking. They don’t lose hope or take rejections personally; instead, they maintain a positive attitude and keep trying. In the world of PR, we face rejection too, when we propose story ideas to the media – another industry that is struggling particularly in the realm of print media. Just like opera singers, you need to keep trying because you never know what might appeal to a reporter.
  3. They don’t backbite. The opera world and the PR world are both surprisingly small. Word will get around quickly if you behave badly by trash talking your colleagues and clients. Your reputation is very important in both of these fields.

An Inside Look at Our Internship 

Interns are an integral part of our team at H&A. We provide agency experience for hard workers and go-getters looking to dive into the PR world.

Here is the inside scoop from Kate, one of our summer interns:

What was your favorite part about your internship?

I loved that I was a part of the team. I wasn’t just given menial tasks or disregarded, but I actually contributed. I was given responsibility and an opportunity to learn and grow through hands-on experience.

What was the most valuable PR skill you learned at H&A?

I learned that PR should be precise and purposeful, among many other things. Whether it meant draft after draft of a press release or back-and-forth conversation about strategy, everything produced at Heying & Associates is well thought-out, purposeful, and perfected.

What were some of your responsibilities as an intern?

My role at H&A was extensive. From writing press releases and blog posts, to pitching to the media, to client research, I got to do a little bit of everything. There was no typical day for an intern at H&A, but there was always work to be done and experience to be gained.

 Why should aspiring PR professionals intern at Heying & Associates?

There is no such thing as too much experience. Even if you consider yourself an expert in PR, there is always something new to be learned, and H&A is a great environment to do so. You get to work closely with everyone in the agency and gain exposure to a variety of clients.

If you are interested in applying, send your resume and cover letter to

How To Improve Your PR Strategies This Fall

With summer officially ending, fall is rapidly moving in. However, just because the seasons are changing doesn’t necessarily mean our PR strategies need to. Rather, PR pros just need to improve their approaches with fresh ingredients to trigger public interest, add value, or spice up conversation.

This fall, PR pros should take advantage of the holidays to harvest some fresh ideas in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few things to consider:

Go beyond the norm: Don’t just focus on the most popular events. Many businesses will strictly create PR strategies surrounding Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and other favorites. While these are very important, it is also vital to consider events that matter for your local community. Go above and beyond in order to reach different audiences.

Out with the old, in with the new: Your strategies should stand out as different. They should be inspiring and create interest. Straying away from what everyone else is doing will give your campaign more of an appeal.

Don’t ignore mobile trends: Our society is constantly on the move and therefore, constantly on their phones. Make sure that your website and other content is easily accessible and can be easily shared on smartphones and tablets. Also, don’t skimp on your social media. Cover all of your bases and make sure your company is at least present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We Want You to Be Our Intern!

When interning with Heying & Associates your time won’t be spent copying, filing, and collating. We want you as part of our team! We’re looking for a self-starter who is hungry for working-world experience and willing to go above and beyond expectations. If you’re someone with fresh ideas you can’t wait to share, we want you. We’re a laid back team with our eye on the prize; we encourage collaboration and teamwork, so by all means don’t be shy. Our philosophy is to dive right in, and we hope it’s yours too. This internship is what you make it. Got a knack for building social media networks? We sure could use your help! Love to write? We encourage you to contribute to our blog. Love talking to new people? You’ll be in the right place.

Qualifications include:

  1. Ability to work independently.
  2. Confidence in your writing, editing, and grammar abilities.
  3. Attention to detail and organization.
  4. Desire to learn and share ideas in a team environment.
  5. Fearlessness on the phone is plus, but not required. This is a great environment to build your confidence when approaching people you’ve never spoken to before.
  6. Working knowledge of social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Did you lead your sorority in launching a successful social media campaign? Have you worked at your school’s newspaper for the last three years? Those experiences can give you a GREAT kick-start to any internship in the PR field.

If you think you would be a good fit, please email your resume and cover letter to

6 Tips to Creating a Powerful Blog Post

Blogging is a key element of a digital marketing strategy. It helps to boost your online visibility, position yourself as a subject matter expert, establish credibility, and increase awareness of your brand.

It can be difficult to constantly find new topics to write about. A strong blog topic should be created with the reader in mind and be useful, informative and simple.

Once you’ve come up with topics, here are a few tips to make your blog post powerful:

1. The title matters.

This is the first thing your readers see. It needs grab their attention. Clearly and concisely explain what the post is about and why your readers should care.

2. Don’t write just to write.

Make sure your post provides value to your readers and represents your voice. Each post should include a call to action, asking readers to comment, share, contact you, sign up for your newsletter, etc.

3. Consider the format.

Solid content is not enough for short attention spans. Make sure your post is easy to digest with sub-headlines and numbered or bulleted lists. Break up meaty paragraphs by incorporating quotes or charts that support your content.

4. Visuals, visuals, visuals.

Research shows that articles with images receive 94 percent more total views than those without. Select clear, high-quality images that are engaging and related to the content.

5. Consider frequency.

Consistency is important when it comes to blogging. Your readers like to know what to expect. Active blogs engage readers better. Blog posts should be made at least once a week.

6. Think about the length.

Not too short, but not too long. A blog post should be simple and straightforward, but also fully representing the desired message.

Content With A Purpose

We’ve all heard the saying “quality over quantity”, so why is it we are constantly being pushed to create content after content? Whether it be press releases or blog posts, you name it — once one piece was published, it was time to create another.

At some point, it was believed that the formula for success was: More content = more awareness = more success. While this may have worked at one point, it does not necessarily hold true today. With everyone constantly creating more content, audiences are becoming overwhelmed and as a result, are looking for a better quality of work rather than a higher quantity.

So, instead of focusing on content, focus on giving your audience a better experience. The goal is for your output to drive outcomes. Getting people to view your content is only the first step. Just because your blog posts have gained more views does not mean they’re doing their job. Are those views converting into leads? Are those leads converting into purchases? Are those purchases converting into loyal, repeat business? These are the results you’re after and overall, the result you need in order to make your content worthwhile.

“We have a lot of ideas – probably too many ideas. At some point, we have to face facts and need to improve on what we’re doing.” – Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web