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Data Breaches: The Inside Threat

In an effort to protect the ever-so private information of our clients, H&A has been working hard to take the extra steps to learn the ins and outs of cyber threat prevention and protection.
When it comes to data breaches, people usually assume that they are being attacked from outside cyber-hackers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Cyber-attacks are just as likely to happen from within an organization. Even though we may not want to admit it, we have to be prepared from potential breaches from our fellow colleagues.
In order to be better prepared for an internal attack, here are some preventative tips:
Educate employees – Educating your employees about your security systems is vital this day in age. With everything being shared over networks and computers, it is easier than ever to have your most sensitive information exposed. You train employees to do their job, but you can also train them so they know how to work your security system to prevent human error problems.

Change your passwords – Changing your password is a simple and effective way to keep your organization’s data secure. Changing your password every three months and making sure they are not simple can help protect you from a potential breach

Avoid “bad habits” – Bad habits include: sending confidential information via email, writing down administrative information, such as passwords or usernames, and not changing your passwords.

Keep sensitive information in a separate location – Storing your confidential information in another location can help prevent the amount of damage that could happen if an actual data breach were to occur.

Have a complex security system – Having a simple security system is obviously easy to break into. By having a security system that has multiple layers, you can help prevent a data breach in case one of the layers is hacked.

Be prepared – Even though you do not want to think about a data breach happening to you, it is vital to create a plan in a case a breach were to occur. Work with your human resource and IT departments to create the plan and make sure it is shared with every employee so they are informed about what to do.